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Smart Contracts

Development of Smart contract

Blockchain technology is well known in today’s world

A blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks (a connected list) containing information built according to certain rules. The connection between the blocks is provided not only by numbering, but also by the fact that each block contains its own hash sum and the hash sum of the previous block.


Manual processing of documents is time consuming and delays tasks. Smart contracts involve an automated process and in most cases do not require personal involvement, which saves valuable time.


Smart contracts exclude the possibility of third party interference. The guarantee for a transaction is the program itself, which, unlike intermediaries, will not give reason to doubt its integrity.


The data recorded in the blockchain cannot be changed or destroyed. If one party to the transaction does not fulfill its obligations, the other party will be protected by the terms of the intellectual contract.


Smart contracts can provide significant savings by eliminating costs for intermediaries and reducing operating costs, as well as the ability for parties to work together on better terms.

What are the benefits of smart contracts for your business?

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Smart contract development procedure

Discussion and preparation of technical specifications

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Writing and compiling smart contract code

Writing and compiling smart contract code

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Testing a smart contract on a local blockchain network

Testing a smart contract on a local blockchain network

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Launch your smart contract on the Ethereum or RSK networks

Launch your smart contract on the Ethereum or RSK networks

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Solidity and Vyper

We develop smart contracts for the Ethereum and RSK networks in the Solidity and Vyper languages.


To communicate with Bitcoin and its forks, we use the JSON-RPC API

Multisignature and cold wallet

We know how to create complex transactions, and we can protect project funds using multisignature and cold wallet.

C/C++, Qt

The original Bitcoin Core client was written on these technologies and continues to develop. Many forks of the blockchain, including those created by us, inherit these technologies


The development of new Proof of Work algorithms used in miners is also carried out by us in C++, using the CUDA and OpenCL computing libraries.

Web3.js and MetaMask

We have the tools Web3.js and MetaMask, which allow you to create interactive web applications.

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